William J. Collins
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bill Collins is a founder of Ocutronics and the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Director of Engineering. Ocutronics is Bill's fifth endeavor in building a company from an intellectual property entity to a fully evolved manufacturer of technology products.

Bill is a serial entrepreneur, innovator and consummate engineer, Bill holds 13 patents for electro-mechanical, electro-optical, optical and illumination systems, often devices that have assisted in life threatening emergencies and positively impacted the quality of life for others.

Collins Electro Optics Inc. pioneered state-of-the-art high power lighting systems for emergency services nationwide. The company and technology was purchased by The Coleman Corporation who innovated a complete line of consumer lighting products centered around Collins technology. Collins Dynamics' products continue to be a critical asset for providing life saving performance to first responders, the fire, police, search & rescue and federal agencies that bravely serve our nation.

Collins Engineering, a diversified contract engineering firm, developed proprietary products and systems for leading edge technology companies across the U.S., including Havis & Shields Inc., a star player in fire, police and search & rescue systems and vehicles.

 At Star-Laser, Bill created a high power xenon arc illumination system with high efficiency and lightweight cooling, allowing the motion control system to move the optical assembly with unprecedented acceleration and velocity

Collins Lighting Systems Inc., manufactured a series of innovative, proprietary commercial lighting products. The compact size and high luminous output of the CLS line led to the development of a product variant for use on fire equipment for wide area emergency scene illumination.

Collins Electro Optics Inc., pioneered a miniature image intensified optical instrument system with high value ground-breaking performance. The Collins Electro Optics developed systems have been used by NASA on the world's largest telescopes and for detection of near earth objects.  Collins Electro Optics devices have diverse applications from microscopy to stray neutron detection and beyond at some of the world's foremost technologically sophisticated facilities including Fermilab.

Through Collins Electro Optics, Bill met and began working with Dr. Bob Levine to develop the landmark Ocutronics’ retinal imaging camera.  This highly disruptive technological marvel will create a paradigm shift in how high resolution retinal imaging is undertaken and analyzed. The ability to detect early stage vascular anomalies in the human retina will resonate worldwide among health care professionals and contribute to the elimination of blindness due to diabetic retinopathy at home and across the globe.

When Bill is not busy inventing, you might find him hiking in and photographing the back country of Colorado or mountain biking along a scenic trail.  Bill has made strength and fitness a lifelong pursuit. As a pilot since his teen years, Bill has had the opportunity to have flown a number of high performance aircraft. Bill is passionate about giving to children's charities and is the proud father of three great kids. See Resume

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80% of diabetics will get diabetic retinopathy within 10 years of their diabetes diagnosis. Nearly 19 million diabetics will become at risk.
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